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just is a WWF initiative created to show that there are often simple and natural alternatives to many of the products we use every day - products that require packaging that uses up resources and often end up as landfill.

A few simple steps are all it takes to make small changes that, when done by many, can help create a cleaner and more sustainable future. Create a better tomorrow, today.

create a better tomorrow, today.

WWF’s Living Planet 2014 Report reveals that humanity's demand on the planet is more than 50 per cent greater than what nature can sustain. Australia has one of the world’s largest ecological footprints per capita. If the rest of the world lived like we do in Australia, we’d need the regenerative capacity of 3.6 Earths to sustain our demands on nature*.

WWF is committed to creating a world where humanity and nature exist in harmony. Part of this is finding ways for everyone to reduce their ecological footprint so that we can all save precious resources and reduce our impact on the planet.

just* is one of many steps we can all take to make this happen.

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Remember to always use alternatives that are sustainably sourced.

Check with your Health Expert before applying any of these ingredients to your skin and always do a small patch test first.

Photos and graphics © WWF or used with permission. Text available under a Creative Commons licence.

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